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    Kirsty Burrows | Customer service ICC | Wastewater Services

    She was very kind in helping me sort out someone to help sort our sewage backup problem, she knew i waa distressed and fed up after housing authority and their contractors had let me down and didnt finish service to us by calling United utilites for us or letting us know how things had progressed.

    I was at my wits end and in tears she was very kind and assured me several times it would get sorted. It wad this kindness and understanding i needed.

    Kirsty deserves an award for outstanding service and for making a customer feel better with her reassurance and also treating me as if what i was saying was important and making sure the job gets done. She told me what to expect and did so in a matter rarely seen with customer services these days. Shes a credit to your company.

    Thank you!

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